About Us

Founded in 1981 as General Merchant & Distribution Company, the group is one among the oldest multi industry conglomerates in GCC with business interests spanning manufacturing, distribution, retail and mining.

The group operation is spread across KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Indonesia of which SBTC KSA remains the Jewel in the crown. Bawazir Group have also developed strong routes into emerging markets such as India, China, the entire middle east and North Africa (MENA), as well as Levant and Eastern and Western Europe.

Our Multiple channels of commerce reach far and wide to efficiently increase our business advantage while building a positive image and reputation for brand awareness and transparency in operations.

Our knowledge of the local and regional culture, our long standing history of commerce in the Middle East, and our awareness of international business models and practices makes us a well- calculated choice for a speedy and successful market entry for any global aspirant.

Information Technology

Having understood the importance of Information and Communication Technology to the business and its operations, we have a dedicated and well qualified IT with support service in the required areas like network, database, application, communication and hand held terminal.

The IT department caters to the requirements of business in all areas like application development, module extension, and trouble shooting from reports to laptops and desktops and office applications. The IT use focus platform for report generation; the automated MIS reports sent to the managers, supervisors and key functionaries make the job of decision making much easier and reliable.

Trade Marketing

The objective of the department is to provide in-house brand management to SBTC clients and suppliers. SBTC Trade Marketing Departments ensures effective planning and execution of BTL initiatives and lead the development of In – House Trade Marketing strategies to achieve defined business objectives across SBTC portfolio. The TM department collects information on competitive activities and device counter initiatives to ensure share and volumes.

In addition to planning the activity cycles along with our principals SBTC TM department carries out monthly performance reviews through reports and reviews with principals and sales team thereby ensuring alignment with In Market Sales and Distribution plans and Key Performance objectives. Listed below are the core functions of the team.